Skinny Beaches 2012

Challenge Accepted!


Hi, I´m Mikaela!

I found myself bordering 30, and as most of us I try to juggle the so-called life puzzle. In my case the puzzle contains of master studies, two jobs, social life and me-time.  Somehow  “exercise-time” always seem to slip that equation.. And the scale is starting to notice..

My biggest reason for signing up for Skinny Beaches 2012 Challenge is my sweet tooth. Candy, chocolate, cookies, not to mention ice cream… To stay away, or at least minimize (let´s be honest here), the intake of basically everything sugary will be my personal challenge this spring! And of course, getting back to the perfect size 36..

I have lost myself counting endless calories and points and I have tried Atkins and LCHF but after three days of Atkins my brain just shuts down – I need those carbs!!!  

Therefore my weapon of choice will be the “tallriksmodellen”. The famous Swedish word “lagom” (“moderately”) is key here. The basic idea is to divide your plate into ½ veggies, ¼ of lean protein and the lasting ¼ is for wholegrain carbs. Balanced diet should equal sustainable diet, right…?

But as we all know, it is not only about the diet. In order to reach our goal I will have to get my sneakers on, preferable sooner than later.  Since I am not too keen on group exercise, (I always get to think about religious revivalist mass meetings), and just the thought of being sweaty together, aiks… So, me-time will from now on become running-time, hallelujah!

If you, like me, are having trouble of saying no to that extra cookie, follow us and be part of the Skinny Beaches 2012 Challenge, together we can do it!

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